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vastu Our ancient Saints/Rishis had learnt from Vedic times how the Panch Maha Bhutas i.e. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sky work on human beings and their dwelling houses. They had also learnt how the solar energy and North-magnetic energy effect the destiny of people.
This science deals with materials (Vastu) like wood. Cement, steel, bricks, mirrors, water fountain etc. which is ultimately known as Vastu Samudra or Vastu. It is well known that earth spins around its North-South axis and is also tilted from the axis towards North. North-East Zone is having positive cosmic energy and is thus very important. But we are neglecting this energy in our present construction with curved design on the ground and by missing one corner or other in every room in order to get the outside elevation of the building.

As explained, the energy travels from North to South making Semi-spherical energy lines and keeping the middle portion (Brahmasthal) with weak flow of energy. It is for these reasons that plot dimensions are suggested 1:11/2 sizes or a 1:2 size. As this can be seen if the length of the plot is more, the energy flow becomes Feeble on all the four sides.

The directions are very important in all Vedic sciences. Vastu is a complete understanding of direction, geography, topography, environment and physics. It shows us the form, size and orientation of a building, in relation to the plot, soil, surroundings and the personality of the owner/dweller.

So we understand your requirement and base on this we are providing the consultancy for Vastu. We suggest you to build any construction base on Vastu, the direction and the place for each and every items base on Vastu.

We are also devoted in to the 'Vastu-pooja', base on the Hindu rituals.